Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's that smell?

It was nap time for the twins today and we were only going to let them sleep for an hour because they've been having trouble sleeping at night. We put them down for their nap, heard them talking to each other, but not walking around, and then silence. I spent the entire hour in the kitchen and laundry room cleaning and doing laundry. When I went around the corner to go up the stairs to get them up from their nap I smelled it. It was strong. I knew. I knew what had happened. I opened the door slowly and saw Leah sleeping with her pants around her ankles and poo smeared everywhere. Her legs were brown swirls of smeared poo. Her hands had dry crusted poo all over them and part way up her forearms. There was a small amount of poo on the tip of her nose. It was all over the bed, the sheets and blankets. There was even some on her pillow.

Someone should have warned me about stuff like this before I had kids...

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