Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We had a rough day yesterday that I am just too mentally exhausted to get into at the moment. However it did bring a few things to light. Even though i'm not proud of it, Grace has been watching more TV than usual since I got pregnant and wasn't feeling well. I can see the impact that it's having on her attitude so starting today i'm limiting her tv time to one show while I take a 2 second shower, and then MAYBE another one in the late afternoon while i'm trying to get dinner together. I have crafts and things for her and Ev to work on in the evenings though when i'm doing dinner so I don't have to result to using the tv as a babysitter. I don't have any ideas though as to how to keep them out of trouble while i'm showering so tv it is. Flame me if you must.
We're trying to get ready to go to the mountains this weekend and I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 5 back. I did errands Mon and Tues to no avail b/c I still have running around to do. I just hope that this mountain trip goes better than the last in regards to sleeping at night.
Matt wants a motorcycle. I would love to get him one for Father's Day just to make him happy but I just don't want him to have one with the temptation of saving so much on gas riding it back and forth to work. That's just too too too scary. I mean he crosses 95 for goodness sake. So I just don't know about how I feel about the motorcycle thing.

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